Today we will talk about how to calculate sROI or social return on investment. If you have not listened to our last episode, then it would be beneficial for you to go & listen to that one. It’s about how adopting SROI can help you build a sustainable CSR program! If you work for a company’s CSR program, it is a very interesting episode to listen!

Welcome back to Being the Impact podcast, I am Tasha and I represent Artemis Impact, a network that helps organizations, corporates, & donors create & deliver sustainable impact. We feel Indonesian people have a strong feeling of giving back to society. And this contribution by people for people is so inspiring for us that we want this to be recognized by the rest of the world too. We want to make this feeling of Gotong Royong global. That is why with our knowledge, experience, and technology we help any kind of organization to record their contributions and show the impact they created. Artemis Impact also helps these organizations to receive outcome-based funding for their projects. And provide advisory service for corporate clients to have stronger CSR programs.

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